The 30th AdAsia Congress 2017

on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in News

3a. AdAsia


AdAsia is the largest and most prestigious advertising congress in Asia, organized bi-annually by the Asian Federation of Advertising Association (AFAA).


Held for 3 days, started from 8 until 10 November 2017, the congress attended by 1000 delegates from 15 countries of India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines and others.


The 30th AdAsia Congress brought up “Globalizasian-Advancing New Possibilities”” as the main theme as the congress is aim to empower learning, encourage networking as well as advancing new possibilities in the advancement in digital technology which provides Asia countries new tools and opportunities to tap into the global market.


This prestigious congress presented world class thought leaders, among them are Kofi Annan, Guy Kawasaki, David Coulthard and Martin Lindstrom.