"The IESCO would like to commend BNDCC facility and staff for the EXCELLENT job it did in hosting the 2nd World Ecological Safety Assembly. The experience I had from the initial meeting till through out the event was positive and great. I would definitely recommend BNDCC to anyone looking to host an event and would not hesitate to utilize your facility in the future if the need arises. IESCO consider the 2nd World Ecological Safety Assembly held in BNDCC from 10-11 Dec 2012 was the most successful and historical event for IESCO since 2006. Everyone from BNDCC, you did a good job. It is a Real Convention Center for Bali." - 2nd World Ecological Safety Assembly, 10-11 December 2012, Dr. Tee Chong Seng, Secretary General WESA, Deputy Director of IESCO
Unilever Customer Development Annual Conference

With theme “Unbeatable CD!!”, PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk held Customer Development Annual Conference for the second time at BNDCC. Located at our Nusa Dua 5, the annual…

Rapat Kerja Kesehatan Nasional - Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia was held a national meeting for three days at Nusa Dua 5. The meeting which attended by 650 participants…